Android Services

Why Android? As of this instant there are a little less than a million users, powering up their android devices for the first time. Currently Android has a user base of over one billion. It provides you with a rich platform for creating applications.

Our Capabilities

We have a team of smart, innovative and hardworking android developers that have created applications that are one of a kind with the best of designs and user flow. All our projects are taken care of by an experienced project manager, ensuring smooth delivery of the product. Our team is well skilled in using a wide range of tools and technologies to optimize the design of the application, so that any user can have a rich experience.Our high-end Android application development team has in-depth knowledge of the Apple platform, languages and platforms involved in the development including:


  • Using GPS and Wifi for location services
  • Web-browser support and in app functions
  • Google maps with clustering
  • Advanced multimedia
  • Background services
  • Socket server programming
  • Using Cloud based SDK’s such as Amazon, Google or Oracle
  • Social media plugins like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIN
  • Bluetooth integrations for wearable technologies
  • Beacons support
  • Customised JSON parsing
  • XML based screen design
  • Java: Java is an intrinsic part of Android development and Java really runs well on all the popular platforms for Android development. For best performance and a truly native feel which users appreciate our developers code their apps in Java.
  • XML: This language is simple and easily readable and is used along with Java to display different GUI components in Android application.
  • Android Studio: This software is used by our developers as it allows for smooth and easy development, thanks to a well-integrated and productive environment it provides for development.
  • Genymotion Emulator: This testing and collaboration tool is used by our developers to avoid any bugs and revise their codes. It is used to simulate phone calls, text messages, and other things to test the android applications.