We bring audiences, talent, and brands together on one platform to view premium content and purchase related products.

Our Product
Our technology merges products and content into one video experience. You can now share your products alongside your video content - whether it be subscriber, live stream, or pay-per-view - to maximize viewer engagement and capitalize on the impulse to purchase. Throughout this experience, extensive analytics are captured to provide businesses with relevant usability data to improve consumer experiences and adapt to their needs.
Along the bottom of each video, a discrete banner displays related products. Products are curated and timed to the needs of the content and refreshed on a customizable schedule.
In addition to banner ads, additional products are available through a “Featured Products” page.
As consumers shop, the video content continues to play in a minimized window. Viewers can shop and review products, add them to a cart, and then return to full-screen viewing.
Scalable to suit your needs
Over-the-Top Platform
A stand-alone streaming website; equal parts distribution channel, e-commerce engine, and analytics platform to better leverage the power of video content.
Embeddable Widget
A player that can be embedded into an existing website; for creators with a limited amount of video content.
Why It Matters
of consumers say entertainment is the most effective way for brands to connect with them.
Source: The Branded Content Marketing Association
of consumers abandon their carts during checkout if the process is too long or complicated.
Source: Google Consumer; Splitit
About Us
Alibi Technologies is at the forefront of content and commerce. Our innovative product allows brands and creators to better engage with their consumers by providing a seamless entertainment and shopping experience. With robust analytics to track user engagement, we provide our clients with actionable data to improve their products, services, and consumer experience.
Alibi Technologies is proud to be a part of the award-winning media company, Alibi Entertainment.
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